Iran International Aluminium conference 2014 (IIAC2014) is set to be one of the most mesmerizing nonferrous events in the Persian Gulf.

With the participation of attenders from France, Germany, Italy, Netherland, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand, Russia, Brazil, Turkey, Emirates, Oman, India, China, and … this international event is to be considered the start of a new era for business and scientific opportunities in Iran and around the globe.

Overall, 170 papers were submitted to the conference of which 110 are announced accepted. Prior to the conference a two day workshop will take place utilizing the expertise of specialists such as Prof.Margaret Hyland, Dr.Mark Doreen, Dr.Walter Dalla Barba and Prof.Juergen Hirch and Dr.Jose Clemente. The workshop titles presented are as follows:
1- Different aspects of Aluminium smelting from process control to environment issues.
2- Breakthrough in anodizing, coating and extrusion of Aluminium: New technologies and trends in the Market
3- Aluminium Metallurgy, Sheet processing and products
4- Aluminium Rolling

Also alongside the conference many technology sessions will be coordinated by pioneers in the Aluminium industry such as Rio Tinto Alcan & ECL, ClaudiusPeters, Danieli, Alufinish, NFC, Pars Aluminium and Navard Aluminium.

In the exhibiting section, numerous companies from primary production to end users have participated. Amongst them are great pioneers in the Aluminium industry:
NFC, Danieli, Fives Solios, CladiusPeters, Brochot, Giansungroup, Jiwanram, Tecalex, Omega, Iralco, Almahdi and Hormozal, Alumroll Novin, Pars Alumankar and etc are just some of the companies taking part in this event.

Iran Experiences one of the greatest Aluminium events in the Persian Gulf