Iran international Aluminium Conference is one of the most important gatherings for Aluminium professionals and a well-known exhibition for Aluminium products, technologies and investments in the Middle East which is upheld every 2 years.

Launched in 2009, the event brings together industry front runners including producers, manufacturers and processors of raw materials to end products as well as suppliers of technologies and accessories for aluminium production, processing and refinement.

IIAC2014 gathered more than 50 exhibitors and more than 60 delegates from 15 countries around the globe and 300 experts from Iranian companies and institutions.A total of 172 full text paper and 435 abstracts were received in IIAC2014 related to challenges of the global aluminium related market, future advancements in aluminium production and application, aluminium smelting technologies, raw materials, casting and solidification, mechanical properties, recycling and environment, refractory materials, corrosion and surface treatment, energy saving management in aluminium industries and etc.

previous event, IIAC2016, was a turning point in Iran aluminium industry. 70 companies which include International brands and also well-known domestic companies exhibited their latest achievements,  discuss about mutual collaborative cooperation and shared their latest information about region aluminium industry. In comparison to the previous period, foreign attendance has a 40% growth.


As the only way to enter Iran aluminium industry,  IIAC2020, would be the time for aluminium industries from Iran and various other countries to meet and discuss about the aluminium market and business and tie-up the business with the establishment of new aluminium plants in the region. This event also acts as a platform for engineers and researchers from academic institutions and industries to evolve a collective approach to work towards fulfilling the present and the future demands of the aluminium industry. this event will be staged 20-21 April 2020 at Olympic hotel, Tehran