1- Experience progress
IIAC is one of the leading trade shows in the Persian Gulf region and a B2B-platform for the aluminium industry and its important application area.

2- Discover future solutions and concepts at IIAC 2020
Exciting and sustainable themes are represented in different pavilions for all industries from power, transportation, construction to packaging and consumer goods.

3-See Dynamic Growth
IIAC 2020 has expanded through the past events starting 2009.
Every year more people feel the need to experience an extraordinary voyage through the Aluminium industry and IIAC 2020 will make it happen.

4- Understand the Supply Chain
The exhibition at IIAC 2020 form the complete industry’s supply chain, from raw material along semi-finished and finished products through machines, structural works, facilities, supplies and surface treatment.

5- Take part in our technical courses
Prior to IIAC2020, a two day technical course will be held which great tutors from around the world will be participating.

6- Comprehend Position
IIAC 2020 provides efficient business with attractive conditions.
The last event, IIAC 2018, proved to be a success in all aspects and defined new goals for the next event.