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Iran International Aluminium Conference 2016 (IIAC2016) is set to be one of the most mesmerizing nonferrous events in the Persian Gulf countries.

With the participation of attendees from France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, USA, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Germany, China, Oman, India, China, Iran, etc. This international event is to be considered the start of a new era for business and scientific opportunities in Iran and around the globe.

Overall 240 abstracts have been submitted to the conference of which 120 full texts are received up to this point.

Prior to the conference two days of workshop will take place utilizing the expertise of specialists such as Prof.Harald Oye, Dr.Jude Runge, Dr.Walter Dalla Barba and Dr.Abbas Bahrami.

The workshop titles presented are as follows:

1-Aluminium Reduction Technology

2-Aluminium Anodizing and Surface Treatment

3-Aluminium Extrusion Technology

For more information visit Workshops tab.

Also alongside the conference many technology sessions will be coordinated by pioneers in the Aluminium industry such as Danieli Group, NFC, Fives, SMS group, Outotec and also there is a good chance Rusal from Russia will organize a Technology Session too.

Iran International Aluminium Conference 2016 – Status Report 2