Fourth Iran International Aluminium Conference with the cooperation of Iranian mines and mining industrials development and renovation organization (IMIDRO), Iran Aluminium research center and Iran University of Science & Technology (IUST), takes place on 11-12th May, 2016 in Tehran Olympic Hotel. Massive foreign investment opportunities in Iran’s aluminium industry, aluminium and its related markets, future progresses in Aluminium production and its application, aluminium reduction technology, raw materials, casting and solidification, mechanical properties and forming, recycling and Environment, powder metallurgy, nanotechnology, heat treatment, welding and bonding, composites materials, refractory materials, corrosion and surface engineering, modeling and automation and energy consumption management in aluminium industries are some of the subjects which will be discussed in this conference. The aim of this international conference is presentation and discussion around recent advances in aluminium; which include all aspects of production, processing, engineering structure and properties and application of aluminium.
At the opening ceremony, Dr. Mahdi Karbasian (Deputy Minister of industry, mine and trade and Chairman of the Board of IMIDRO), Dr. Mohammad Ali Barkhordari Bafghi (IUST Presidents), Dr. Mansour Soltanieh (conference chair) and representatives of Danieli Company from Italy, SMS Group from Germany and RUSAL from Russia will take the stand. After exhibition inauguration, give speech on “evaluate of alumina market perspective and aluminium and opportunities for Iran” will be held by Nick Collier from CRU group.
Also, at the closing ceremony, Dr. Mohammadreza Aboutalebi (conference scientific secretary), Dr. Jalal Hejazi (Chairman of Iranian Foundry Society), Prof. Harald Oye (from Norwegian University of Science and Technology and instructor of reduction aluminium technology course), Eng. Akbar Torkan (Presidential adviser and Board of Directors member), Eng. Majid Pourattar (Iralco Managing Director) and Eng. Houshang Goudarzi (President of the Aluminium Union) will have a lecture. Furthermore, Top brand of various aluminium industries will be introduced by the Aluminium Industries Union and gifts will be donated. Donating gifts and memorial to sponsors and awarding top supporters and papers are another part of the closing ceremony.
In scientific secretarial of conference, at first 247 abstracts, then 140 full articles were received. Submitted articles are about materials relating to upstream and downstream industries. From these numbers 117 articles were approved of which will be presented in two sections: Oral presentation and poster.(According to Dr. Soltanieh, chairman of IIAC2016, at press conference)


Beside this event, International Aluminium Exhibition and its related industries is established in which the last products and achievements of domestic and foreign companies are released. This international conference which has been held for the fourth time is known for its ability to absorb big companies around the globe. Attendance of big domestic and foreign companies in the exhibition has converted the conference to a unique event. Regarding the domestic and foreign company acceptance, the exhibition includes 4 halls which up to now more than 70 companies certify their attendance in it. In comparison to the previous period, foreign attendance has a 40% growth.


Rusal from Russia, Danieli from Italy, SMS Group from Germany, Outotec from Germany, NFC from China, NKM Noell from Germany, Fives from France, Salico from Spain, OK Stroibis from Russia, Sinosteel from China, Sermas from France, Foundry Alfe Chem from Italy, Faro Club from Italy, Italtecno from Italy, Foundry Ecocer from Italy, Sat Aluminium from Italy are some of foreign exhibitors (you can see full list in Exhibition tab)
Well known domestic companies and organization are as follow:
Iranian Mines and Mining industrials development and renovation organization (IMIDRO), IRALCO, South Aluminium Company, Kaveh Khozestan Aluminium, Jajarm Aluminium, Arak Navard Aluminium, Pars Alumankar, Abeskun, Akpa, Peyman Aluminium and …
During the conference, some companies like as Danieli, Rusal, Outotec, SMS group, Fives and NFC will hold technological sessions. Danieli’s session is about equipment and production lines of aluminium extrusion and rolling. Sessions of Rusal and SMS group are on neutral anode in aluminium reduction and equipment & lines of production, forming of metals, respectively. Fives company will discuss sustainable methods for emission reduction in the reduction cell. For the first time, an environmental panel is being held at this period of conference. Besides, Expert panels on upstream and downstream industries are another subject of this period conference’s sessions.
During conference days, Keynote speeches at the beginning of meetings will be present by famous experts of this industry. On the sidelines of the conference, professional workshop on the Aluminium industry will be organized by these persons. Information on these courses are as follows:

• Aluminium reduction technology, professor Harald Øye, Tuesday 10th May
• Anodizing and surface treatment of aluminium, Dr. Jude M.Runge, Monday 9th May
• Anodizing and surface treatment of aluminium, Dr.Dalla Barba, Tuesday 10th May
• Aluminium extrusion technology, Dr.abbas Bahrami and Dr.Alireza Ivani, Friday 13th of May
• New aspect on Aluminium alloys casting (piece and ingot), Dr.seidMahdi MirEsmaeli and Eng.Siamak Fathi, Monday 9th May
End of these courses, sometime will be dedicated to question and answers, participants could propose their problems on the course and receive reply.
Many supporters and sponsors announced their support for the conference, of which some well-known names are seen:
Iralco, Outotec, Danieli, SMS group, Rusal, Pars Aluman Kar, Navard-Aluminium group, Fives
Other supporters and Media Partnership are as follows:
Aluminium Club, MineNews, Civilica, 24 mines, Iran Conference, Al Circle, Aluplanet, A&L, Aluminium International Today, Aluminium Times, Me-Metals, Metals Market, World Aluminium, Conference Alert, Mtlexs, the Union of Iran Aluminium Industries, Metallurgy Engineering Association, Iranian Foundry society, Iran National Science Foundation, Metef, Aluminium 2000.

Comprehensive Report of Iran International Aluminium Conference 2016