Dear Attendee:

Please consider the following items:


1-Visa card or any sort of credit card is of no use in Iran.

2-The conference and exhibition is organized in the Olympic Hotel with the contact info of:

Azadi stadium’s West Blvd, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +982144739300

Fax: +982144739191



3-The exchange rate of dollar and euro against rial to this date is:

Dollar ~ 34600 Rials

Euro ~  39670 Rilas

4-Send your arrival and departure information (flight number, arrival and departure time)

5-For any sort of payment contact:

Alireza Jafarnejad:  09121890956

Saeed Ahmadvand: 09124641833

6-If you are willing to benefit from the facilities given by the conference such as translation headphones, please take in to account that you will need an ID card.

7-Please take in to account the rules of Islamic Republic of Iran

Best Regards

Foreign Relations Committee

Letter of Notice