The third official International Aluminium Conference in Iran (IIAC2014) took place on the 25-26th of May 2014 in Olympic Hotel, Tehran. This event was hosted by Iran Aluminium Research Center (IARC) and IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Minerals Industries Development and Renovation Organization) attracted local and foreign delegates. With the presence of many foreigners from Italy, Brazil, Germany, France, New Zealand, Spain, Netherlands, Oman, Turkey, India, Pakistan, Emirates and China as tutors, booth owners, sponsors and participants, this international conference and exhibition turned out to be one of the leading Aluminium events in Middle east and the Persian Gulf region.
More than 55 exhibitors including regional and international companies in the fields of primary and downstream production, equipment, consultant, raw materials and chemicals attended this Aluminium event of which 18 were foreign & 37 were local companies. Also many national and international media such as Aluminium International Today, Aluminium Times, Al-Circle, A&L (Metef), me-metals, Alinclub, Civilica, aluexpo, Aluminium Two Thousand, Metals Market, ICEB, P&TF and Iran METAFO acted as supporters of IIAC2014.

Conference and Exhibition Attenders
Almost 700 national and international participants took part in the two day conference.
The attenders were from various parts of the industry and so also universities around the globe.

A total of 435 abstract and 172 full text papers were received in the conference of which 135 full text papers were accepted. Of the accepted papers, 42 were orally presented and 93 were presented in the form of posters.
Both regional and international speakers made presentations as well as representatives from key customer industries. 4 foreign keynote speakers also took the stand in the conference.
Apart from this, 9 Aluminium sessions were presented by various companies and organizations such as IMIDRO, Danieli, NFC, Salco (South Aluminium Co), Outotec, Aluminium Pars Co, Navard Aluminium Co, Cladius Peters and Fives Solios.
Several courses were held from 23rd-27th of May.
The aim of organizing such courses was to motivate the enhancements in the Aluminium industry.
The courses were in the fields of metallurgy, sheet processing and products, breakthrough in anodizing, coating and extrusion of Aluminium: new technologies and trends in the market, Aluminium smelting technology, Aluminium strip casting technology and optimization of Aluminium casting. The former categories were taught by experienced tutors such as Prof.Jurgen Hirsch, Dalla Barba, Prof.Margaret Hyland/Dr.Mark Dorreen, Dr.A.Clemente and Dr.M.H.Alivaliollahi which also acted as keynote speakers.