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Modern Concepts for Defect-Free Cast Aluminium
John Campbell

Melt Quality Related, Aluminium Casting Defects
A. Nouruzi Khorasani

Numerical simulation of effective parameters on fluidity of semisolid A356 aluminium alloy
A. M. Parvanian, A. Kermanpur, B. Niroumand

Effect of temperature and pressure of squeeze casting on porosity and density of AA2024 alloy
V. Ashofte, D. Sadat Safanama, P. Marashi, A. Jahangiri

Gas Behavior in Aluminum and Steel Lost Foam Casting
M. Khodai, S. Ghadiani, N. Varahram, N. Parvin

Effect of process pressure on mechanical properties of semisolid extruded 7075 aluminum alloy
M.A. Shafaat, M. Ketabchi, Z. Makhdumi, M. Gholizadeh

The effect of cooling rate and refining elements on the microstructure and tensile properties of a new developed super high strength Al-alloy
N. Pourkia, M. Emam, H. Farhangi and S.H. Seyed Ebrahimi

Effect of melt super heat on hot tearing of A206 Aluminum alloy
M. Nasr Esfahani, B. Niroumand

Effects of pouring temperature on the structure, density, soundness and hardness of a Semi-Solid Rheocast part made of A356 alloy
M. T. Seyyed Beigi, B. Niroumand

Effect of Al-5Ti-1B and Al-5Zr master alloys on structure and tensile properties of A713 alloy
A. Razaghian, M. Saghafi, M. Emamy, A. Sadeghi, S. Zangeneh

Effect of refined structure on semi-solid microstructure of A6070 Al alloy during SIMA process
M. Karshenas, M. Emamy

Microstructure Evaluation of Semi-Solid Metal Processed 7075 Aluminium Alloy by SIMA Process
A. Bolouri, M. Shahmiri

Nucleation Effect of Ti-6Al-4V Powder on Grain Size and Tensile Strength of Al-Si Eutectic Alloy
Z. Sarajan, B. Torange

Effect of ultrasonic treatment on the microstructure of AZ91 magnesium alloy
M. Khosro Aghayani, B. Niroumand

Influences of TiH2 Content and Holding Temperature in Foamed Pure Aluminum
Z. Sarajan, M. Sedigh

The microstructures and mechanical properties of a new super high strength aluminum alloy with Zr addition
S.H. Seyyed Ebrahimi, M. Emamy, M.H. Parsa, N. Pourkia

Effect of temperature and pressure of squeeze casting on porosity and density of AA2024 alloy
V. Ashofte, D. Sadat Safanama, P. Marashi, A. Jahangiri


The influence of Cu on the microstructure and mechanical properties ofAl-15%Mg2Si composite
M. Emamy, N. Nemati, M. Dadashipour, F. Hassan Abadi
An Investigation on the Applicability of In situ Powder Metallurgy (IPM) Method for Processing of Hybrid Al/SiC/Gr Composites
S. Mahdavi, F. Akhlaghi
Effects of Reinforcement (TiB2) Adding Temperature on Properties Of Al /TiB2Composite
F. Abdi, H. Abdizade, K. Shirvani Moghaddam
The effect of recycling process on tensile properties of A357-Al2O3 cast composites
N.Nasiri, M.Emamy, A.Gholami
The effect of strontium and calcium on the tensile properties of cast Al-Mg2Si metal matrix composite
N.Nasiri, M.Emamy
Investigation on wear properties of cast AL matrix composites containing SiC and Al2O3 reinforcing particles
N.Nasiri, M.Emamy, H.Hosseinzadeh, A.Sohrabi
Effect of Sr and Na on the microstructural features of alumina containing metal matrix composites
A.A. Najimi, M. Emamy, J. Rasizadeh, H.R. Lashgari
The influence of iron intermetallic compounds on the microstructure and tensile properties of Al-Mg2Si composite
S.Ghaiour, M.Emamy, P.Vahdati, N.Nasiri
Effect of SiC Content and Stirring Velocity on Hardness and Tensile Strength of  SiC/Alcp Composite
Z. Sarajan, M. Sedigh


Corrosion and Surface Technology
Self Cleaning Coatings on Al Surface: Surface Treatment, Deposition & Photocatalytic and self cleaning Properties
H. Yaghoubi, N. Taghavinia, E. Keshavarz Alamdari
Structure and properties of oxide ceramic coating formed by plasma electrolytic oxidation on Al5083
H.A. Dehghanian, M.H. Shariat, A. Dehghan
An Approach to Predict Galvanic Corrosion Using Identical Couple Electrodes; Investigation of Weld Zone and Parent Alloy in AA6xxx Welded through FSW Technique
M. Amini, F. Kazemzade, M.H. Moayed, M. Haddad-Sabzevar
Nano-scale localized corrosion studies of EN AW-3003 Al alloy by SEM-EDS, SKPFM and in-situ AFM
A. Davoodi, J. Pan, C. Leygraf, G. R. Ebrahimi, M. Javidani
The effects of heat treatment on structure and corrosion behavior of electroless Ni-P deposits on Al5083 alloy
S. Ahmadizadeh, S. M. Monirvaghefi, A. Saatchi,A. Heidar Moghadam
Study on corrosion properties of plasma nitride pure aluminium
A.Yazdani, H.Aghajani, M.Soltanieh
Improvement corrosion behavior of pure Aluminum by applied TiO2 nanoparticle coating with sol gel method
A. Shanaghi, A. R. Sabour Rouhaghdam, M. Velashjerdi
Deposition of nano sized iron nitride on aluminium substrate using active screen plasma nitriding method
A.Yazdani, H.Aghajani, M.Soltanieh
Surface precipitation hardening of aluminium alloys through mechanochemical process at ambient temperature
P. Valizadeh, M. Sheikhamiri, J. Vahdati Khaki
The impact of impurities in billet shell on surface quality of profiles after anodizing.
P. Dastoorani


Heat Treatment
Prediction of bake hardenability of Aluminum alloys Al5052 and Al7075 using neural network
A. Nekahi, K. Dehghani, N. Kamkar
The effect of aging treatment on mechanical properties of AA6082 alloy: Modeling and Experiment
N. Anjabin, A. Karimi Taheri
Characterization and Evolution of grain boundary phases during the homogenization of AA7020 Aluminium Alloy
A.R. Eivani, H. Ahmed, J. Zhou, J. Duszczyk
Evaluation of dislocation structure and crystallite size in worn Al-Si alloy by X-ray diffraction
M. Zand Rahimi, A. Rezvanifar
Effect of Ti and Zr on solution heat treatment behavior of thin section 319 aluminum cast alloy
M .J. Shabani, M. Emamy, J. Rasi Zade
Improving Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Forged Aluminum Alloy 7075 by Retrogression and Re-Aging Heat Treatment
V. Tari, A. Kermanpur
Microstructural characteristics of Al-12Zn-3Mg-2.5Cu alloy in the as-cast and homogenized condition
N. Pourkia, M. Emamy, J. Rasi Zadeh, S. H. Seyed Ebrahimi
Using Artificial Neural Network to Optimize the Aging Behaviors and Bake Hardening of Al2024 and Al6110
N .Kamkar-Z, K .Dehghani, A .Nekahi, S .S. Tayarani Bathaie
Investigation on the aging behavior of AA6061-SiC cast composite and the influence of T6 heat treatment on its mechanical properties
A. Pakdel, M. Emamy, H. Farhangi
Artificial Overaging Heat Treatment of Al 7075-T6 Alclad Alloy: Microstructural and Mechanical Characterization
M. Meratian, M. Askari.
Effect of heat treatment on the structure and mechanical properties in an Al-Li-Cu-Mg base alloy
S. Nouri, S. Mirdamadi, M. Hadavi, S. Ahmadi, H. Mehrjou


Joining and Welding
Hardness evaluating of submerged friction stir processed Al-6061-T6 plate by a novel artificial neural network model
A. Ebnonnasir, F. Karimzadeh, M. H. Enayati
Effect of Friction Stir Welding parameters on mechanical properties and fatigue life of Al 5083
A. M. Nasiri, A. R. Sadeghi, A. H. Kokabi
Bonding mechanism in the aluminum roll-cladding
M. Soltan Ali Nezhad, A. Haerian Ardakani, T. Azim zadegan
The effect of post weld heat treatment on the properties of 2024 friction stir welded joints
M.A. Safarkhanian, M. Goodarzi, S. M. A. Boutorabi
Scarf welding of Aluminium to Copper plates by explosive welding and investigation of interface properties
S. M. Bagheri, J. Zamani, A. Mehdipour Omrani
Study on Cracking Behaviour in Pulsed Nd:YAG Laser Welding of 2024 Aluminium Alloy
M. Sheikhi, F. Malek Ghaini, M. J. Torkamany
Effect of accumulative roll bonding process on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al 5083 alloy
S. Akhavan, M. R. Toroghinejad , F. Ashrafizadeh
Investigations on the effects of process parameters for Nd:YAG pulsed laser welding of 7075 aluminium alloy
A. R. Sufizadeh, S. A. A. Akbari Mousavi, F. Hasanabadi, M. Moradian
Investigation on roll bonding behaviour of Al3003/Al4043 and Al3003/Zn sheets
M. Movahedi, A. H. Kokabi, H. R. Madaah Hosseini, M. Hajizadeh
Optimization the Exothermic Welding Process for Aluminum Parts
H. Ayazian Mavi, H. Madanipour, M. Mirjalili, M. Soltanieh,G. H. Khakian,H. Goodarzi


Metalworking and Mechanical Properties
A. E. Barten
Numerical inspection of compound extrusion process in Aluminium-Copper and comparison of experimental results and analysis of upper bound.
M. Naghdian, O. Nikfarjam, V. Baratloo, M. Rasouli Mir, M. Saket
Experimental estimation of fatigue crack growth rate in thin aluminium alloy plates
A. R. Shahani, H. Moayeri Kashani, M. Rastegar, M. Botshekanan Dehkordi
An investigation into the effect of ECAE process on mechanical and microstructural properties of middle layer in copper clad Aluminium composite
B. Tolaminejad, A. Karimi Taheri, H. Arabi, M. Shahmiri
Effect of Impurities on Microstructure, Mechanical and Fatigue Properties of Aluminum Alloy 7075-T6 and 7075-RRA
A. Kermanpur, V. Tari, E.H. Dehkordi
The use of the SHPB technique and FEM to determine the dynamic behavior of Al5083 alloy at high strain
B. Davoodi, A. Gavrus, E. Ragneau
W. Dalla Barba
Effect of Initial Microstructure on Liquid Segregation during Back Extrusion of A356 Alloy
S. Ghadiani, J. Mola, M. Khodai, N. H. Aashuri, N. Parvin
Distribution of TiH2 and cell morphology in closed-cell aluminum foam produced by ARB process
M. Khalkhali, A. Akbarzadeh, A. Saeghi, M. A. Sadeghi
Investigation of mechanical properties and SCC resistance of cryorolled and aged Al-7075
H. Fooladfar, B. Hashemi, M. Younesi
The effect of punch radius and preheat temperature on the billet temperature during hot backward extrusion of Al 2124 by finite element method
S. M. Ebrahimi, M. Belbasi, A. A. Akbari Mousavi, S. Enayati, ohammad Mastoori
Effects of preheat temperature and punch shape on the mechanical properties of the Al7075 in the hot backward extrusion process
S. M. Ebrahimi, M. belbasi, A. A. Akbari Mousavi, M. Bayazidi, M. Mastoori
Comparison between Aluminium panel and Steel panel on Dent Resistance
M. Aghamirzaie, M. Alijanpour, S. H. Masoud, S. M. Razavi
Investigation and evaluation of Computational Simulation of 7075 Aluminum Flat Rolling Technology
A. A. Mottahedi
Influence of Rolling on the Microstructure and Hardness of Aluminum 1100 Previously Subjected to Twist Extrusion
S. Ranjbar Bahadori, S. A. A. Akbari Mousavi, A. R. Shahab
Springback simulation of friction aided deep drawing process
M. Kadkhodayan and R. Pourhasan
Effect of extrusion variables on tensile fracture of AA6061-SiC composites
A. Pakdel, M. Emamy, H. Farhangi
Investigation of friction condition effects in isothermal closed die forging process of Aluminium AA7075
S. Zare Chavoshi, M. Tajdari


Fabrication and tribological properties of bulk nanostructured Al2024 alloy
M. Jafari Bahramabadi , M. H. Abbasi, M. H. Enayati, F. Karimzadeh
The effect of milling time on tribological properties of Al6061-Al2O3 nanocomposite prepared by milling and hot pressing methods
N. Hosseini , M. H. Abbasi, F. Karimzadeh, M. H. Enayati
Fabrication of nanocrystalline Al matrix hybrid composite by mechanical milling
E. Mohammad Sharifi, F. Karimzadeh, M. H. Enayati
Formation of nano-structured Aluminum 6056  using severe plastic deformation (SPD)
S. Yoonesian, K. Dehghani, M. Arab
Microwave induced solution combustion synthesis of nanocrystalline alumina powder, comparison with conventional heating
S. Saket, S. Rasouli, K. Tahmasebi, E. Ghasemi
Effect of Milling Time on Crystallite Size and Morphology of Al / Al2O3 Nano Composite Powder Prepared by Mechanical Alloying
S. S. Moosavifar, S. Heshmati Manesh, M. Heydarzadeh Sohi
Synthesis of Aluminum Nanopowder through Evaporation-Condensation Method
S. H. Hosseini, S. Sheibani, Z. Valefi
Manufacturing and investigation on the mechanical properties of Al products with bimodal nanocrystalline microstructure
A. R. Jangjou, M. H. Paydar, A. Honarbakhsh


Smelting and Raw Materials
Research Cooperation between Norwegian Primary Aluminium Industry and The Norwegian University of Science and Technology and SINTEF
H. A. Øye
Pleasures and Pitfalls in Amperage Increase Projects on Aluminium Electrolysis Cells
H. Kvande, B. Moxnes
Influence of Anode Baking Process on Smelter Performance
M. Meier
Alumina Fines and their impacts on Smelter Operations
L. Perander, J. Metson
Successful Commercial Operation of NEUI400 Potline
Q. Xiquan, L. Dingxiong, W. Youwei, M. Jihong, W. Dequan, D. Hui,
M. Yu, L. Bin
Total Amount Control Technology on Aluminium Reduction Pot Fume Treatment
L. Dingxiong, Y. Qingchen, M. Jihong, L. Bin,W. Xingming
Value Added Product from Bauxite Residue
M. Ghiafeh Davoodi, H. Nikraz
The Continuous Development of SAMI’s Pot Technology
S. Kangjian, Z. Jiaming, Y. Xiaodong, L. Wei
A new Approach for Design and Development of Wear Resistance Silicon Carbide Blocks for use in Aluminum Electrolysis Cell Walls
M. Hosseinzadeh, N. Khalili, A. Samani, M.N. Batoie
Restarting Frozen Aluminum Pots with Cold Metal Method
G. H. Khakian, B. Bahrvand, B. Samdani, M. Soltanieh
The calcium removal from diasporic bauxite ore by acid leaching
S. M. J. Koleini, M. Abdollahy, R. Khormali
Effective Parameters in Digestion Efficiency of Jajarm Bauxite
R. Salami, M. Khani, S. Rezvani
Computational Process Simulation of Aluminum Reduction Cell for Operational Enhancement
H. H. Rad 1, A. Seyyedi, A. H. Saghafi
Electrolytic recovery of gallium from alkali stripping solution from Jajarm Bayer process liquor
M. Abdollahy, H. Naderi
Optimizing the acid dissolution of sodalite scale in alumina complex
R. Salami, H. Pahlavanzadeh, M. Khani, S. Rezvani, A. Yektaniya
Soda Recovery from Red Mud in Alumina Complex
R. Salami, M. Khani, S. Rezvani, A. Yektaniya


New Concepts for Bulk Materials Plants for the Aluminium Producing Industry: From Raw Materials Receiving to Electrolysis Cells
S. Skirde
OUTOTEC Rodding Shop Solutions
M. Beilstein, T. Evans
Aluminum: Market and Development
M. Aghajanlou, M. Goudarzi
Aluminium Industry: Raw Materials
P. Geramishoar, S. Pirmoradi


Trends of aluminum applications in the Iran automotive industry
M. Zarghami, H. Rahmani, J. Rahimi
Synthesis of Elevated-Temperature Iron Aluminide Intermetallic Powders by Novel Hot Ball Milling Method
M. Fourjanizadeh, M. Panjepur, M. Meratian,
Activation of Alumina Industrial Waste for Environmental Proposes
K. Badii, F. Doulati Ardejani, S. Norouzi
Kinetics of TiAl3 Formation in Molten Aluminum-Solid Titanium Interface
R. Khoshhal, M. Mirjalili, M. Soltanieh
Numerical simulation of combustion synthesis of Ni-Al intermetallic compounds: the effect of porosity
M. Shekari, S. H. Seyedein, M. R. Aboutalebi, M. Adeli
A novel method for manufacturing aluminum foam sandwich panels
A. Nabavi, J. Vahdati Khaki
The study of environmental effects of aluminum factory activities on physiological and biochemical parameters of five plant species growing in Arak city.
M. Mashhadi Akbar Boojar, E. Pajooheshfard
Formation of intermetallic compounds in early stage of immersion of solid iron in liquid aluminium
A. Shahbazi, H. R. Shahverdi
Design Improvement of Automotive Front Bumper Beam Behavior, made of Steel & Aluminum Subjected to Low-Velocity Impacts
M. Alijanpour, M. Aghamirzaie, S. M. Razavi, S. H. Masoud
A new and rapid Conductometric Determination of Aluminium Using Hydrochloric Acid Solution as Titrant
R. Hazrati, S. Rostami
Aluminium Determination in Food by Using Spectrophotometric Alizarin Red S and AES methods
S. Rostami, R. Hazrati
Elemental Combustion Synthesis of Titanium Aluminides, Pre-Combustion Reactions Effect
R. Khoshhal, M. Mirjalili, M. Soltanieh