Aluminium Smelting Technology

Date & Location: April 22-23 / Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran


Professor Barry John Welch


Prof. Barry John Welch has supervised more than 70 Post graduate theses and postdoctoral research programmes in high-temperature processing. Generally industrially sponsored with the majority dealing with issues related to Electrowinning from oxides in molten chlorides and fluorides.  These included materials performance, reactor design. Electrode reactions and their control,  energy use, Process dynamics control and optimization, and Emissions Reduction.

He has more than 50 years consulting with industrial operating and R&D companies dealing with new process development. Electrochemical cell design, support equipment and performance improvements, high-temperature control strategy. Prof. Welch has more than 250 publication which the majority are related to Electrochemical Engineering with emphasis on Electrode materials and performance optimisation of Aluminium Smelting cells.

Currently, he is Emeritus Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering in University of Auckland (NZ) as well as Part Time Visiting Professor of School of Chemical Engineering in Univ.of NSW, Sydney. Prof Welch is also Honorary Professor in North East University, Shenyang. He is director of Welbank Consulting Ltd and holds consultancies for aluminium smelting cell design and control, technical auditing and performance and process optimisation around the world.