Aluminium Anodizing and Surface Treatment

Date & Location: April 22-23 / Iran University of Science & Technology, Tehran



Dr. Jude M. Runge


Metallurgical Engineer and Surface Scientist, Comprehensive Metallurgical Consulting and CompCote International, Inc.


About instructor:

Dr. Jude Mary Runge’s career as a metallurgical engineer and surface scientist spans more than 30 years in industrial, government and academic professional settings.  Her analytical expertise and experience encompass a variety of manufacturing processes for all materials as well as the science and engineering of metal finishing. She is recognized internationally as a nonferrous specialist focusing on the metallurgy of aluminium and aluminium alloys as well as anodizing and the theoretical treatment of porous anodic oxide formation.  She has lectured throughout the United States and Western Europe, Brazil, China, and India as an invited and plenary speaker.  She is the inventor and owner of the patented CompCote™ process for anodizing aluminum.  Dr. Runge received her Ph.D. in Metallurgy at the University of Illinois at Chicago under Dr. Michael McNallan.  Her book, The Metallurgy of Anodizing Aluminum, has been published by Springer Scientific Publishing.