The 4th Iran International Aluminium Conference (IIAC2016) took place on the 11-12th of May 2016 in Olympic Hotel, Tehran.


Hosted by Iran Aluminium Research Center (IARC) and Iranian Mines and Minerals Industries Development and Renovation Organization (IMIDRO), this event attracted more than 130 foreign representatives from France, Italy, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Switzerland, USA, Canada, Norway, Finland, Turkey, Germany, China, Oman, India, UAE, Japan, Austria and etc. as tutors, booth owners, sponsors and participants and turned out to be one of the leading Aluminium events in the Middle-east region.

Aluminium Exhibition with the powerful attendance of local and foreign companies

In the opening ceremony of the 4th International Aluminium Conference & Exhibition, Mehdi Karbasian (CEO of IMIDRO), pointed to the great presence of local and foreign companies. Karbasian also mentioned the memorandum of understanding being signed between Iran and India in the field of mines and mining industry.


The International Aluminium Exhibition was held alongside the conference in an area of 2600sqm and with the presence of More than 70 exhibitors of which 22 were foreign. These companies were active in the fields of upstream and downstream industries, equipment, consultant, raw materials and chemicals. Some well-known names among exhibitors were: Rusal from Russia, Danieli from Italy, SMS group from Germany, Outotec from Germany, Fives from France, NKM Noell from Germany, Otto Junker from Germany, NFC from China, Salico from Spain, Extrutec-GmbH from Germany, Stroibis from Russia, Sino Steel from China, Sermas Industrie from France, OARC (Oman Rolling) from Oman, Foundry Ecocer from Italy, 4EL-KALIP from Turkey and SAT Aluminium from Italy.

Conference and Exhibition Attendees

More than 1000 national and international participants took part in the two day event. The attenders were from various parts of the industry and also universities around the globe.

Conference Presentations

A total of 140 full text papers (from 255 abstracts) were received in the conference of which 117 were accepted. 36 papers were presented orally and 81 were presented in the form of posters.

Key Note Speakers

In two days of conference, many great names took the stand:

Dr. Mehdi Karbasian, CEO of IMIDRO and Dr. Mansour Soltanieh, chairman of IIAC2016, acted as keynote speaker on the grand opening.

Also great speakers such as:

*Mr. Ralf Ohrndorf, General Manager of Technical Sales Aluminium, SMS group GmbH

*Mr. Roman Berstenev, Head of sales, Rusal

*Mr. Giovanni Nigris, EVP of Danieli Group

*Mr. Qin Junman, NFC of China

*Mr. Nick Collier, Business Development Manager of CRU

*Mr. Paola Kauffmann, Faroclub

*Prof. Harald Oye, Norway University of Science and Technology

*Dr. Jude. M. Runge, Comcote

*Dr. Walter Dalla Barba, Italtecno

Presented their lecture.

In the opening ceremony Dr.Soltanieh pointed out IIAC’s commitment to its motto:”Aluminium key to a sustainable industry”. Also he gave notes about the most important issues that would be covered in this conference such as; The vast investment opportunities in Iranian Aluminium industry arising for foreign investors, Aluminium and its markets, the future growth of the Aluminium industry etc.

Following Dr. Soltanieh’s speech, Mehdi Karbasian said: “although four decades has passed since the foundation of Iran’s Aluminium industry, this industry is proceeding slowly.” Having said this, other countries in the Middle East are profiting from great gas resources which has made them major rivals in the Aluminium industry.

Karbasian continued: “According to statistics reported by the International Aluminium Institute, global Aluminium production reached 57.8 million tons in 2015 which shows an annual growth of 7.2 percent. Also Aluminium shows an annual 5 percent growth in demand, which is considered a good opportunity for Aluminium producing countries.


30 percent of Aluminium production costs are related to energy consumed in this industry which Iran has an outstanding advantage in this area. Also numbers show that Arabian countries in the Persian Gulf region along with Egypt have invested 42 billion USD from 2010 to 2014 on the Aluminium industry. The production capacity of these countries mounts up to 5.7 million tons on annual basis which is 8.5 percent of international Aluminium production. Iran has only invested 2.5 billion USD in the Aluminium chain.”

The CEO of IMIDRO pointed out that the nominal Aluminium production capacity in Iran is 470000ton per annum which 350000 tons is stated as actual capacity. Karbasian added that the difference between the nominal capacity and actual capacity is related to securing enough electricity, energy, raw material and financial difficulties arising in this industry.

“According to governmental predictions on the long-term plan up to 2025 (or 1404 solar year), the production of 1.5 million tons of Aluminium is foreseen which we hope with the support of the government and society, we are able to revise this digit.” Karbasian said in opening ceremony of IIAC2016.

About bauxite resources, Karbasian claimed: “Iran has not enough bauxite reserves which is supposed as a problem in this industry. The solution to this problem was securing a 25 year contract with Guinea government. Also we are cooperating with German consultants and are negotiating with Brazilian and Australian companies in order to secure enough raw materials to supply our needs. Also we have prepared an agreement with Nalco of India to start mutual venture, which we hope with the presence of Indian Prime Minister in upcoming months, we can take our cooperation to the next level.  Other projects in this area of expertise are Jajarm Aluminium project which will be activated on the end of this year or earlier next year.”

Finally Karbassian quoted: “I promise that the governmental policy will be directed to supporting local and foreign investment in the area of mining industry.”

Dr. Touraj Mohammadi , Deputy of Research and Technology in Iran University of Science and Technology, said:” According Times Institution, last year Iran University of Science and Technology was ranked the first place amongst Iranian universities. Also this university holds 441st rank amongst international universities worldwide.”

At the end of his speech, Mohammadi said:” Aluminium is a unique metal which can be utilized in advance technologies. Instead of cheap export of gas, we can reach higher value added export with higher production of aluminium.”

In this ceremony representatives from SMS group, Rusal, NFC and Danieli appointed Iran to be a perfect market and opportunity for production, consumption and export of Aluminium.

Ralf Ohrndorf from SMS group pointed out that this conference is a perfect opportunity to introduce Iran as a growing Aluminium market in the region. He added:” Due to long-term plans in various countries including Iran, we are likely to witness growth in the Aluminium consumption of downstream industries soon. This is only orchestrated through development and investment this industry.”

Roman Berstenev from Rusal, as one of the biggest Aluminium producing giants in the world, pointed to the sanctions against Iran being lifted across the globe and said:” various opportunities and deficits in Iran Aluminium industry will be mentioned in this conference.” Berstenev pointed to the process of supply and demand of Aluminium and its effect on prices and continued:” different industries such as automotive and aerospace are extending their application for Aluminium and this is exactly why Aluminium producing companies are competing to control and decrease Aluminium production costs.”

Berstenev emphasized on the role of energy and said:” energy plays a key role in the determination of competing prices and Iran holds abundant energy resources.”

Qin Junmen, from NFC of China, pointed to the development of Aluminium industry in China:” In the past few years China has turned to high technology in Aluminium production in order to optimize its productivity.”

Junmen continued:” Ingot production technology in our company has reached 600kA from 175kA in the beginning of 2014. Having said this I must add that Iralco’s new production line, which was commissioned in 2007, has the technology to work with 200ka currency.”

Giovanni Nigris from the Danieli group also made a speech in the conference. “The increase in worldwide population alongside the increased interest of various industries to Aluminium, has led to consumption growth of this metal.” Nigris continued “It is foreseen that Aluminium consumption will have an upward trend until 2025 which in this case the automotive industry have an important role, as Aluminium is used immensely in the body and other parts of vehicles. Also, Aluminium consumption will increase in the construction and aerospace industry.”

About the development of the Aluminium industry in Iran, Nigris added:” Unique geographical location, abundant energy, access to free waters and talented human resources, all in all leave no doubts for positive future viewpoint of the Aluminum industry in Iran.”

This Danieli representative pointed to the collaboration between Danieli and Iran since 1980 and said:” with the endorsement of cooperation pact between the two parties in the past few months, danieli has decided to invest in Iran’s Aluminium and Steel industry which will lead to the construction of related plants.” He stated  that this mission is done through a joint venture and the establishment of Parsian Metalics( which has been newly established).”

At the closing ceremony Dr. Aboutalebi (Scientific Chairman of IIAC2016), Eng. Pourattar (CEO of Iralco), Eng. Hooshang Goudarzi (Head of Iran Aluminium Syndicate and Dr.Jalal Hejazi (Professor at the science and Technology University of Iran and Outstanding Figure in Iran metallurgy industry) gave the closing speech for IIAC2016.

In the closing ceremony Dr. Jude M. Runge pointed out that the organizers were able to provide a suitable environment for the attending visitors. Dr. Runge added:” I was able to gain high energy whilst entering the conference. Also I noticed that all the attendees in the conference and workshops showed great energy in the road to learning.”

Dr. Runge pointed to the similarities between IIAC2016 and a community by saying:” The hospitality of the organizers has led me to believe to be part of this community. I hope that this conference and exhibition goes on to be one of the best of its kind.”

Apart from Dr. Runge, Eng. Houshang Goudarzi( Chairman of the Board of Directors in Iran Aluminium Syndicate) took the stand by saying:” The sanctions against Iran have been lifted and so many opportunities for investment in Iran’s Aluminium industry has been provided.”

Goudarzi pointed to the opportunities made for foreign investors in Iran which will lead to great profits. He added:” Investment in Iran’s Aluminium industry has an economic view. The Arab nations in the gulf region have the capacity to produce 5 million tons of Aluminium per annum. Meanwhile their area is somewhat smaller than some of the islands belonging to Iran. These countries don’t even have enough workforces and import their needs. Their only advantage is their abundant energy which in this field Iran has also outstanding privilege.”

Goudarzi assured that Iran is the safest spot in the region for investment and said:” Foreign investors are in need of a partner in order to invest in Iran’s Aluminium industry and Iran’s Aluminium Syndicate can help all investors to find a suitable partner.”


In the closing ceremony of IIAC2016, the top brands of Iran’s Aluminium industry were introduced.

In this ceremony a token of appreciation was shown to the top brands in the Aluminium industry. A full list of these companies is stated as follows:

– Akpa Iran-Kish, Gholamreza Hakim (CEO), the field of construction profile production

-Iran Ghadr Shaghayegh, Ebrahim Poorvali (CEO), the field of Industrial Aluminium profiles

-Diba Windows, Arash Farokh (CEO), the field of Aluminium door and window production

-Saytal Sakht, Arash Fadakar (CEO), the field of engineering and Aluminium façade implementation

-Alumtek, Dariush Rouhi (CEO), the field of high capacity Aluminium conductors

-Abhar Wire+cable Co, Ali Kolahi (CEO), the field of Aluminium cables

-Irka Part Sanaat, Bahram Beydhayee (CEO), the field of Aluminium diecast industry

-Hezar Aluminium, Gholam Ali Rezai (CEO), the field of Aluminium foil

-Pars AlumanKar, Mansour Sorayayee (CEO), the field of Aluminium foil and sheet

-Paniz Sazan Dana (PSD), Hossein Ghantar (CEO), the field of Nonstick Aluminium cookware

Also the scientific committee awarded prizes to the 5 top posters sent to the conference.



Sessions and Workshops

A total of 6 Aluminium technology sessions and 1 special environmental panel were presented by various companies such as Rusal, Danieli, NFC, SMS group, Fives Solios, and IMIDRO. The panel was a debate between a representative from the department of environment and representatives of domestic aluminium producers.

Also several workshops were held on the 9-10th of May and 13th of May. The aim of organizing such courses was to motivate the enhancements in the aluminium industry.

The workshops presented were:

1-Aluminium Anodizing and Surface Treatment presented by Dr. Jude M. Runge and Dr. Walter Dalla Barba.

2-Aluminium Smelting Technology presented by Dr. Harald Oye

3-Aluminium Extrusion Technology presented by Dr. Abbas Bahrami and Dr. Alireza Eivani

4-New Outlook in Aluminium Alloys casting (Shape Casting-Ingot Casting) presented by Dr. Mehdi Miresmaeily and Eng. Siamak Fathi.

Notable Financial Sponsors and Media Supporters

The main financial sponsors of the conference were:

Iran Aluminium Co, NFC, Almahdi Aluminium Co, Danieli, Outotec, SMS group, Rusal, Fives Solios, Pars Aluman Kar, Navard Aluminium, Iran Alumina and Paya Afzar.

Also many international Medias such as Aluminium International Today, Aluminium Times, Al-Circle, A&L (Metef), Aluplanet, Metals Market, Mtlexs, World Aluminium, me-metals and etc. supported IIAC2016.

Main Topics Presented at the IIAC2016:

The main topics presented at the conference were:

1-Vast foreign investment in Iran’s aluminium industry

2-Aluminium and its related markets

3-Future advancements in aluminium production and application

4-Aluminium smelting technology

5-Raw materials

6-Casting and solidification

7-Metalworking and environment

8-Recycling and environment

9-Powder Metallurgy


11-Heat Treatment

12-Welding and joining

13-Compsite materials

14-Refractory Materials

15-Corrosion and Surface treatment

16-Simulation and automation

17-Energy saving management in aluminium industries


Upcoming Event: IIAC2018

Regarding the impressive presence of industrial and academic participants in IIAC2016, an enormous trend toward IIAC2018 will be expected. So immediately after IIAC2016, IIAC’s staffs consider measurements to repeat its success in 2018.