The IIAC2016 press conference took place at the IMIDRO Conference Hall, 30 March, 2016.

The event was attended by representatives from IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mining Development and Renovation), IIAC2016 and correspondents of press.

Dr. Mehdi Karbasian, CEO of IMIDRO and Dr. Mansour Soltanieh, Chairperson of IIAC2016 each took turns to present their ideas on the upcoming event. “The 4th Iran International aluminium Conference and Exhibition with presence of giant international companies and well-known researchers will promote aluminium technology and will give the latest progress in aluminium scope”, Said Dr.Karbasian.


Calling IIAC2016 as “One of the largest events of aluminium industry in middle-east” Dr. Mansour Soltanieh, Head of IIAC2016 said “This enormous contribution of local and international companies is a reason for importance of the conference in current Iran situation and prove it has earned its place in aluminium industry chain.”


Finally, Eng. Majid Pourattar, Managing Director of Iralco (Iran Aluminium Co.) talked about the previous events of IIAC and measures taken in Iralco.


IIAC2016 Press Conference Took Place