The first official International Aluminium Conference in Iran (IIAC 2009) took place on 22nd – 23rd Of April 2009 in Olympic hotel situated in Tehran. The event hosted by Iran aluminium research center (IARC) and IMIDRO (Iranian Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Renovation Organization), attracted 650 delegates from across the globe. Also 51 exhibitors including regional and international producers supported the event.
Conference and Exhibition Attendances
More than 600 participants took part in the two day conference which 63 attendances were from foreign districts such as Germany, France, Britain, China, Turkey, Poland, Norway, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Spain and Switzerland.
The participants were from various parts of the industry and also universities around the globe.
The exhibition which was organized alongside the conference challengedmany booth owners, national and international participants.
51 companies had the chance to promote their presence in the field of aluminium of which 15 were foreign companies from Germany, Turkey, Italy, China, Spain and Poland.

A total of 149 papers were received in the conference of which the accepted papers mount up to 110.
Of the 110 papers accepted 44 were presented orally and 57 presented as posters.
Both regional and international speakers made presentations as well as representatives of key customer industries. 9 keynote speakers also took the stand in the conference.

Several courses were held on the 20th-21st of April 2009. The aim of organizing such courses was to motivate the enhancements in the aluminium industry.
The courses were in the fields of Aluminium Smelting Technology, Aluminium Extrusion – High Technologies at Affordable Costs, Aluminium Low Pressure Die Casting Technology, Aluminium Anodizing – Defect & Solutions and Production of High Performance Al Casting.
Details of these workshops are as below. To get more information click here.

Aluminium Smelting Technology
Prof. Halvor Kvande, Hydro Aluminium, Norway

Prof. Harald Oye, Norwegian Uuniversity of Science & Technology
Prof. James Metson, University of Auckland, New Zealand
20, 21 April

Aluminium extrusion- High technologies at affordable costs
Eng. Mauro Spizzo, OMS Co., Italy
20 April

Aluminium low pressure die casting technology
Dr. Akbar Norouzi, ROH Automotive, Australia
20 April

Aluminium Anodizing- Defects & Soloutions
Dr.Walter Dalla Barba, Italtecno S.R.L., Italy
21 April

Production of high performance Al castings
Prof. John Campbell, Birmingham University, UK
21 April