Almahdi Aluminum Complex (Persian: مجتمع الومينيم المهدي‎‎ – Mojtame` Ālūmīnīm Āl Mahdī) was established in Bandar Abbass , the center of Hormozgan province , in July 1990 with an approximate investment of 1.5 billion USD , targeting 110,000 Mt aluminium per year increasable to 330,000 Mt/y. The first phase was inaugurated in 1997 and by early 2002 , it reached to half capacity using 120 cells in operation.The erection of 2nd phase of line one was started in 2002 and completed in May 2005. In June 2006 , the 2nd phase , called hereafter Hormozal , was started with an investment of 600 million euros.The technology of 2nd phase was D20 with the line current of 230 kA and 228 cells aiming annual production of 147,000 Mt aluminium. With cooperation of Iranian experts and foreign EPC contractor , FATA Hunter s.p.a from Italy , the whole project finished in 40 months and inaugurated in October 2009.For the time being 124 cells are in operation and the plan is to achieve full line capacity by mid 2015.