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Rolling forward on aluminium hot mill technology and plate stretching
Simone Dolzan

Modern mills for aluminium applications
Simone Dolzan

On the cutting edge: advanced slitting and trimming aluminium lines
Simone Dolzan

Advanced automation and process control for aluminium plants
Marco Mossutti

T-Win technology the new extrusion aluminiun press concept
Paolo Fraternale

Rod Mill aluminium plant technology
Stefano Lodolo


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Alumina Distribution System
Reismann Ansgar



RioTintoAlcan ecl (Cancelled)More details...

Rio Tinto Alcan (RTA) is global industry leader respected worldwide for technological excellence. Within the group there are four companies dedicating themselves to technology and equipment for Aluminium Smelters and Alumina Refineries.
AP Technology (France) has shaped the industry with its various high efficiency smelting technologies.
Bauxite and Alumina (B&A) operates out of France, Canada and Australia. Its technology is a benchmark for the Alumina Refineries worldwide.
ECL (France) is the innovative equipment supplier for Potrooms and Carbon Plants. With several subsidiaries worldwide it not only supplies plants and machinery but also assures the full fledge service support next door to its customers. Various references of ECL in Iran are presented.
RTA Alesa (Switzerland) is reputed for its highly performing materials handling equipment. “From port to pot” they offer pneumatically operating unloading and loading devices, silos and feeding systems for Alumina and Coke.
A brief overview of the solutions, innovations and references of RTA technology & equipment shall be given.

– Philipp Zodtner, Vice President Sales, Rio Tinto Alcan, Technology and Equipment Division (TESS)
– Kader Brahmi, Sales Manager Middle East, ECL
– Bernard Allais, Director, Rio Tinto Alcan, AP Technology


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Application and Discussion for New Technology of Large Pre-baked Electrolytic cell

Study on Site Selection Scheme for 1,600 kt/a Iranian Alumina Plant

Electrochemical Cooling Water Treatment
– A New Approach to Control Scale, Biological-fouling, and Corrosion for Aluminum Industry

The Latest Progress of NEUI’s High Amperage Aluminum Reduction Technology
Lv Dingxiong Ban Yungang Mao Yu


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Aluminum foil characteristic and its role in packaging – food and drug
Mohamad Ghabel


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Green Anode Plants For Primary Aluminium “Mega”-Smelters
Manfred Beilstein

Integrated alumina refinery design
Alessio Scarsella


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Introduction and general description to South Aluminum Company
Ali Malayeri


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Automotive Aluminum Heat Exchanger



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Success story in Middle East aluminum industry


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Iran as a highly potential hub for primary aluminum industry: opportunities and challenges ahead